Different Types of Yoga

Different Types of Yoga

There is a huge range of styles of Yoga and generally one to suit everyone, but we are not all lucky enough to live near a studio which offers many different styles.

It is fun to try different Yoga styles some may surprise you.

Here are some very brief descriptions of a selected few. You can take a look deeper into them on the internet and also find many more variations.

Hatha – This is the most popular type of yoga and a good foundation for other types. It involves general postures , breathing exercises and meditation. It is quite a slow class.

Ashtanga – Is, physically demanding and produces intense heat with in the body to encourage detoxification of muscles and organs. Breath and movement are synchronised in a series of movements and the sequence is the same each time.

Jivamukti – Has, only been around since 1986 and has a spiritual and ethical aspect. It is a physical practice with strong postures. There is chanting, meditation, spiritual teachings and music.

Iyengar – This is a very precise slower form of Yoga. Postures are held for longer and cushions, blocks and straps are used. It is good for people with injuries or medical conditions.

Bikram – This is performed in a hot room 95 – 105 degrees and the heat is to increase your flexibility there is a sequence of 26 moves. You are meant to sweat a lot!