The Runner Pose

The Runner Pose

This is a forward lunge and will open up the front of the hip.

From a forward fold take 1 leg back as far as you can.

Your hands are on the floor either flat or on finger tips (this will depend how low you can drop into the pose)

The front leg needs to be between the hands and the ankle and knee in line. The leg should be at right angle to the knee.

The back leg needs to be straight and your toes on the floor pushing back the heel toward the floor. This give great lenght and strenght to the leg.

You need to drop down the hip the bottom should not be in the air and you should feel it right in the groin and front of the leg.

Your looking point is slightly ahead but make sure there is no lift of the chin and the neck is straight.

The idea is to get the hips low and the back should create a long line from the heel to the top of the head.

Seated Stick Pose

Seated Stick Pose

This pose is much harder than it looks if done correctly.

Sit with your legs out straight and you feet flexed (toes to sky) contract the quads (front top of leg) so that the knee caps lift.

Roll your shoulders back opening out the front of your chest.

Lift the lower ribs and keep the back straight.

Hands will rest on the floor arms stay in line with the shoulders.

Make sure the neck is straight and the chin is parallel with the floor and gaze towards the toes relaxing the face.

Forward Fold

Forward Fold

Feet can be hip distance (gives more balance) or together. From standing breath out as you fold forward this should come from the hips not the back. How far down you get will depend on the length of your hamstrings and to some degree flexibility in your hips. If you are not flexible in the hamstrings keep the legs straight and go down keeping the back flat and the neck long look towards the floor. Place your hands just above the knees. If you can go further down put you hands/fingers on the floor and they need to be heading level or behind the toes. Your gaze point will change depending on how far down you get but concentrate on keeping the neck long and relaxed. No matter how far you go down keep the legs straight, your weight towards the toes and tilt the pelvis upwards. To engage the quads (front of leg) lift the knee caps. This is a great pose to hold and as you breath feel the release in the hips and backs of the legs. Deep breath and send your thoughts and energy to the areas which feel restricted.