The Side Lunge Yoga Pose

The Side Lunge Yoga Pose

Feet need to be in the correct position – right foot pointing to the front of the mat and the left one to the side of mat but make sure the back heel and the front instep are in line.

Bend your front leg knee and ankle are in line and leg is 90 degrees.

Drop the back hip down towards the floor.

Take the right elbow onto the top of the right leg.

The left arm is going up so palm faces the same way as your face.

Keep the chest facing that way too do not let the left should roll over and start facing the floor.

If you can take the right hand to the floor (use a block if it is too far) and the underarm should snuggle up nicely with the knee and the arm and leg to be close.

Your gazing point is up to you and your balance either the floor, wall or ceiling

The Plank Yoga Pose

The Plank Yoga Pose

This is a great one for building strength in the shoulders but must be done correctly.

Your hands want to be flat on the mat with fingers spread.

Make sure the wrists and shoulders are in line do not have shoulders ahead of wrists put too much strain on them.

Depending on your core strength what you do with your legs.
1 legs out straight with toes on the floor pelvis tilted under to prevent bottom sinking or sticking up
2 knees on the floor (rest as above)

If you struggle with strength and your elbows do not feel they can take the weight put the forearms on the floor and use them as your base.

You should be in a straight line and your core muscles turned on and look at the floor to protect the neck.

The Chair Yoga Pose

The Chair Yoga Pose

I love this one it looks so easy but there is a lot going on.

You can have your feet hip width apart or together but rembember the knees have to follow the feet so if they are apart make sure the knees do not fold inwards or outwards.

Touch the floor with your finger tips and take your bottom down as though sitting on the edge of a chair (no cheating get that bottom down)

Your bottom should not move from here but bring your hands onto the knees and straighten the arms (you should feel this in the back you need alot of strenght)

Now take the arms up and beside the ears as you look forward.

Keep your breath steady and control the pose.

Seated Forward Fold Yoga Pose

Seated Forward Fold Yoga Pose

Sit with legs out straight feet flexed (toes to sky) and quads lifting the knee caps.

If you are unable to reach your feet you can use a strap this will help you keep your shoulders relaxed and you can feed the strap through your hands as you get further down

Breath in and as you breath out fold from the hips.

Keep the shoulders relaxed and do not round them.

Keep the nect long and straight.

As you move you should be aiming to move forward and down so that the chest is heading towards your knees not your nose.

Do not pull yourself down with arms or strap let the body relax into the pose and adjust as you go down.

For many of you your feet will seem a long way of but regular practice those hamstrings will get longer.

The Tree Yoga Pose

The Tree Yoga Pose

This requires balance and core strength

Your leg position will vary on this one depening on how good your balance is.

Stand with weight on one leg and the other leg knee will be bent and needs to be heading sideways how far this goes depends on your hip flexibility.

1st postion of the other foot is toes on the floor and cup the foot around the ankle this gives you abit more connection with the floor.

2nd position cup the foot into the shape of the calf

3rd position above the knee (never on the knee)

4th position high up so heel is into groin area

I like to just put the same side hand on the bent knee and just feel what direction it is going in.

Your back should be straight

Do not slump down into your hip these muscles need to be activated and lift

Shoulders back, chest open, neck straight.

Palms pushed together level with the heart elbow up to form a line.