Class Reviews

It’s important to me that everyone who comes to classes feels they have benefited from them.
I’m proactive in my approach to continually improve classes to benefit my students. I always ask class members a few questions at the end of our courses and I also welcome private feedback.
Here are a few comments I have received.

Jane’s feedback …

I was looking for a yoga / fitness coach for one-on-one sessions.  Nikki was recommended to me by a good friend and I have known her for a while now.

I suffer from long-term illness.  When I spoke to Nikki on the phone for the first time, I was impressed with her knowledge and awareness of the main health issues related to the Pituitary Brain Tumour that affects me.  I feel confident that I have found someone whom is both knowledgeable and understanding about my restrictions and needs.

I meet up with Nikki at her home, where she has a bespoke exercise studio & therapy room.  I was particularly impressed with the cleanliness and style of the set-up.  Cleanliness is a concern for me because of my adrenal insufficiency.

Nikki understands my memory problems and shows endless patience with me.  I have difficulty remembering moves / routines, so in the short-term we are working together to improve my strength and muscles before a more intense programme of yoga.  I have made great improvements to my physical and mental health in a relatively short period.  Nikki makes me feel empowered, encouraging me and treating me with respect.

Nikki is a very kind, helpful & gentle person, she makes me feel she has all the time in the world for me.  She has a great deal of experience and clearly puts a lot of thought into our weekly sessions.  She is sympathetic when I am unable to make a session for whatever reason.

For someone seeking one-on-one specialist tuition for strengthening / exercise / yoga, I have no hesitation in recommending Nikki Balding

Alice’s feedback…

Since I began yoga almost four years ago it’s become a non-negotiable part of my weekly routine. Nikki’s sessions are so friendly and relaxed – but also very focused and with lots of personalised guidance. I’m always challenged by the yoga practice, but Nikki invariably makes sure that whatever your level, you have a sense of real achievement. She’s constantly researching new ways of developing our practice and provides really clear explanations and context for everything we do. My strength, balance and flexibility have improved hugely;- also I’ve experienced far fewer physical complaints such as backache and activity-related injuries. The sessions are also great at de-stressing;- they help me step back and tackle everyday worries with a sense of perspective. Nikki’s yoga classes are just brilliant they’re an opportunity to create a whole new ‘me’ once a week!

Wendy’s feedback…

I had not realised how beneficial Yoga was for strengthening, improving balance and control until I did Nikki’s sessions.
I have done Pilates for around a year, but 8 weeks of Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga has improved my core stability considerably.  My upper body strength in particular has improved, enabling my swim stroke to be more powerful, resulting in a personal  best swim time;- so thanks Nikki.

Fiona’s feedback…

Have you enjoyed your sessions? Certainly did, they were great for Kev and I as we were starting from scratch and you structured your sessions to be slow enough for us to learn and practice but not too slow to be repetitive or boring.  Always felt physically and mentally better immediately afterwards.

Describe benefits you have seen over the weeks More flexible than I was – toes are usually always reachable now!!  Best of all have a library of stretches that I can do at home.

Who do you think would enjoy this type of class? I particularly liked the fact that it was physically challenging so a good stretch and workout at the same time.  Nice size – not too many people so felt got attention when needed and on the flip side not too much attention either – it is sometimes nice to try/practice without being scrutinised all the time!  So think it will appeal to those who are fairly active and fit.

Things to keep doing Making it fun. Taking the time to understand who your class members and what they can and can’t do.
 Taking the time to show people the right position – how it should feel – so they can know when it is right if you are not  there.