I’m Nikki Balding

I come from a health and beauty background. I started my training at Stamford College in 1993 as a beauty / sports therapist. I soon discovered that a more holistic approach to health and well-being was having the most positive effect on my clients and what I believe in as a therapist. This led me to adopted the holistic approach for my clients.  I have worked treating injuries and delivering treatments holistically for clients for 25 years now.

I taught Beauty and Holistic Therapies at Peterborough College for 5 years, gaining teaching skills and qualifications which I use on a daily basis and which I continue to develop in my classes. This has given me invaluable experience in adapting to different learning styles and organising large group sessions.

Having adopted the Holistic approach, I realised that working with the bodies’ energies is not to be underestimated. The energies that flow around our bodies have a direct effect on our health and our mental state. These energies get blocked and disrupted through time and our daily and lives, causing disturbances that remain in our bodies. Yoga is a way for us to release these disrupted energies and to restore the flow of energy back through our bodies. In the Chinese belief system blocked energy causes disease. Our bodies are designed to move and be used, Yoga encourages us to move in ways that we do not usually do in everyday life. This stirs up the energies that otherwise sit dormant and prevents them from stagnating. People who practice Yoga regularly feel better for their practice but are often unaware of the all the reasons.

I have been practising Yoga since 2005. Until fairly recently, this has been mainly the Hatha style but I discovered Ashtanga on a Yoga Retreat in Morocco. I loved the extra physical challenges it gave me compared to most other Yoga styles. As a fit and strong person myself, I enjoyed rising to the challenge to work on harder poses and found that the heart gets a workout from linking sequences of posses together. I am definitely not a super flexible person, and some of the poses will always remain as challenging for me as they are for many people but the regular practice over time the flexibility does increase. We are not all born to be able to tie ourselves into knots and back out again!.

When choosing my training, I knew that I wanted to do a Vinyasa style of Yoga. I discovered Mark Freeth and his Freestyle Yoga Project., I knew immediately that I had found the right person to teach me. Yoga is generally taught with strong link to the religious and spiritual teachings. This is not my preferred approach. I prefer to focus on the is more to the physical and mental elements of Yoga and to leave people to decide for themselves what their beliefs are. The physical benefits are why I was first drawn to Yoga and what I see as the pull and attraction for most of my students.

I completed a 200 hour Teacher Training Program certified by Yoga Alliance. I am now running my own classes and I want this web site to both promote my classes and as something students could use in addition to classes. I use Facebook to keep everyone up to date with classes and availability and for them to keep in touch with me and each other.

I am an active person and a member of Spalding Triathlon club. I find that the training I do with the the Triathlon Club keeps me fit, but the Yoga keeps me injury free, flexible and strong. Little by little, Yoga becomes part of your life and as your body opens and strengthens up so does your mind and energies flow freely and your health improves. 


Specialisms Offered by Nikki at Spalding Yoga


Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga

Group Classes on Thursdays

Yin Yoga

Small Group Classes  Various Times

Myofascial Release Therapy

By Appointment