What is Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga?

Dynamic Vinyasa is a type of Yoga where movements flow smoothly from one pose to another. Because of its flowing nature it keeps your mind focused and does not give it time to wonder off. Breathing is used to initiate the poses and this in itself feels quite meditative. It is one of the more strenuous types of Yoga and a lot of people may know is as Power Yoga.  It comes from the Ashtanga style of yoga. Some people feel that Yoga will not challenge them enough but Dynamic Vinyasa is a very active type of Yoga. Its energy and impact often surprises people.

 Dynamic Vinyasa Classes with Nikki at Spalding Yoga

Classes are choreographed by the tutor and will vary week by week. This tricks the body to work harder as repetitiveness encourages the muscles to be lazy as they know what is coming.

Classes can bring in different styles of yoga and we are encouraged to put our own personalities and experience to make a style of our own. Students enjoy the variety of poses, classes can be organised to work on a particular areas or sports.

I have been practising with Triathlon members and have devised a different session on muscle groups for running swimming and cycling. At the beginning of each class we have an aim to work towards;- this is done in an intelligent and safe way because we do not want to cause injuries and niggling aches. I am mindful of joints as these need to be cared for.

The beginners class will start you off gently and is aimed at building up the fitness and strength to then move on to the intermediate class. Many people that think that to do yoga you have to be flexible or strong, this is not true these are things that we are aiming for and with practice and patience are achievable.

These classes do not include meditation, breathing exercises or spiritual teachings but we do allow some time at the end of the class for a short relaxation.