What is Myofascial Release Therapy?


As a body therapist Myofascial Release Therapy that has brought many things together to make sense. The science is now catching up with things therapists have know for years.

We all hold phyiscal, emotional and habitual patterns in our bodies and minds and they can have a detrimental effect on our bodies and health.

To be able to change these patterns can be very difficult and take time but it is worth the effort as the body moves more freely and the mind is able to relax.

Myofascial Release Therapy works on the body but you are not able to treat the body without it having an effect on the mind. As the holding patterns release in the fascial tissue it releases tension, truama and energy and movement becomes lighter and freer.

When fascial tissue binds down and causes these restrictions it can create a pressue of up to 2,000 lbs per square inch on the system. So you can imagine by freeing fascial tissue why you feel lighter and pain becomes less.

The fascial tissue consists of:-

epi and perimysium
joint capsule
some layers of bone
dura mater surrounding the central nervous system
epineurium a fascial layer around peripheral nerves
bronchial connective tissue
mesentery of the abdomen

It is like a 3D web of tissue throughtout the body which should be fluid and give slide to the tissues to create ease of movement.

If this facial tissue is restricted within 1 area of the body it can have an effect in sourrounding areas but also in areas at the other end or other side of the body. The easiest way to think of it is if you wore a skin tight cat suit and somebody pulled at a bit of it and pegged it and did this in different areas of the suit how would that suit fit on the body and would it be comfortable. You would find pulls / shortness and lines throughout the whole suit this is exactly what happens in the fascial tissue. That odd twist in the pelvis the lifted shoulder the lower back pain or head ache all are syptoms of tightness or shortness of fascial tissue. By altering the fascial tissue and lining up some of the body structures you can feel great relief in both pain and tension.

This teatment will bring about a whole new awarness within your body which has a knock on effect in the rest of your life.

The treatment is done in a treatemnt room with light clothing. Your alighnement will be assessed and the treatment is a hands on therapy but only using a light pressure. I work by tuning into what I feel and see, it often seems that you work in an area nowhere near the pain but remember pain is a symptom not a cause.

Having been a therapist for over 20 years now Myofascial Release Therapy has given me a whole new way of looking at a body and it’s patterns and in the treatment I can offer

Treatment Cost

£35 1 hour
£65 2 hours

This would ideally be done on a regular basis with some home care. We may have a long treatment and some regular ones to start with to sort out your main areas of concern and then a regualar top up to keep your new found aligned and freer body going.

If you do yoga you are already working on fascial tissue trying to open up the body and become more flexible and many people already do yoga for their bad back and find that it is very successful. The Yin Yoga is even more specific as you hold the poses for 3/5 minutes we are waiting for the fascial tissue to release. You will notice that your range of movement increases your yoga poses will open up and you will feel great.